By Star Ladin

what would ((((love)))) do?


I choose to make love my intentional habit. 

I made a life commitment to myself to practice ((((LOVE)))) in as many ways as I am capable. 

Small actions count. 

I find that when I act from ((((LOVE)))), I become the best version of myself, happy and more peaceful. So, I gave my heart and soul to make this project a reality because the world needs more ((((LOVE))))


Star Ladin

As an artist, speaker/trainer and meditation teacher, Star Ladin intentionally chose to make ((((LOVE)))) a habit by asking herself one simple question.

What would ((((LOVE))) do?

This simple but powerful question has become a daily practice for her and many people in a world wide community that she leads.

Her lifetime commitment to this practice gave rise to an art series of 108 hand painted watercolor hearts that  became the images used for these cards. This vision enabled her integrate ((((LOVE))) in simple everyday practical ways, become the best version of themselves, and be happier and more peaceful along the way.

When Star is not speaking, teaching or training on the topic of ((((LOVE))) you can find her on her avocado farm in Southern Ca.  Loving on her family, her husband Jim, her two children Spencer and Lily, and her beloved standard poodle Emma Lovie.


Star uses ((((LOVE)))) like medicine and shines it exactly where healing is needed. The guidance the card gives is spot on every time.

– Melynda F., Indiana


A fun and loving nudge to keep you in alignment daily.

– Julia P., Canada


I love the WW♥D? guidance because I focus my attention on the card when she draws one and I believe that there is no mistake in the one chosen. It’s a message from the universe and is always so powerful…

– Ronda P., Virginia

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